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Professional Coaching Intensive
23 - 25 August 2017 - Brisbane
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Introduction to the Professional Coaching Intensive

The Professional Coaching Intensive is a foundational coaching skills course designed for anyone who wants to boost their own effectiveness, or would like to be more effective in causing performance and results with the individuals (or teams) they manage. 

This course is approved by the International Coach Federation and delivers high quality, practical coach training in line with the 11 Core Competencies.

At the end of this course, you will be competent in:

1. Setting the Foundation
2. Co-creating the relationship
3. Communicating Effectively
4. Facilitating Learning and Results
Day 1
Discovery Coaching
Understand the foundations of coaching.
  • Understand different modes of coaching, mentoring, consulting and training
  • Learn the essential elements that make up an effective coaching conversation.
  • Understand how non-verbal cues form a crucial part in your effectiveness as a coach.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and how this impacts your coaching.
  • Practice your new coaching skills in real world scenarios.
Day 2
Performance Coaching
Master the art of empowering performance. Understand what it really takes to get the most from your people.
  • Learn how to plan, structure and deliver your coaching programs.
  • Be effective in holding your clients accountable.
  • Discover how to support your client in uncovering their own "blind spots" which may be holding them back.
  • Practice having Performance Coaching conversations in real world scenarios.
  • Create your own winning formula when preparing for your coaching sessions.
Who is this intensive designed for?

· Business Owners wanting the people that work for them to step up and improve their performance.
· Managers and Supervisors who are committed to supporting others in taking their performance to the next level.
· Coaches looking for a Professional Certification.

At this unmissable training you will...
· Ask powerful questions that result in people achieving a higher level of performance
· Learn how to facilitate goal setting and action planning with others.
· Learn what drives and motivates people
· Deal powerfully with 'difficult' people

· Build rapport to increase trust and engagement.
· Communicate effectively with different personality styles

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